Politics of Bureaucracy

Pol Sci 349
Washington University in St. Louis
Fall 2021

Course Information

Instructor: Dan Gibbs
Email: gibbsd@wustl.edu
Class time: Tuesday and Thursday 2:30-3:50
Room: Simon Hall 018



First individual meeting.

Description: Attend a 10-30 minute introductory Zoom meeting with me. Please prepared to discuss 1) what (if anything) interests you in learning about the politics of bureaucracy; 2) what you hope to get out of the course; 3) your questions about the course, including the term paper; 4) how much time you expect to be able to spend outside of class on this course given your schedule this semester; 5) what other courses you have taken; 6) your favorite course so far; 7) your academic interests; 8) your plans (if you have any yet) for after college (this will help us identify what type of term paper will be most useful to you).

Due 9/10.

Sign-up here.

Course Materials

September 2. Delegation: The Principal-Agent Framework.

Gailmard, Sean. 2012. "Accountability and Principal Agent Models."

September 7. Delegation: Transaction Costs and Information.

Epstein, David and Sharyn O'Halloran. 1999. Delegating Powers. Chapters 1-3.